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“My wedding was beautiful and memorable because I have the greatest pictures to look back on! Ashley and Charlotte were a dream team capturing my perfect day! I highly recommend them!”  Jamie Wright

“I FREAKING LOOOOVVVEEEE Our pictures!! I have probably looked at them at least a hundred times. You guys are so awesome!! Love you guys!”  Charlsey Branson

“You guys are awesome!!!!”  Brittany Wilson

“I actually have no words… lots of tears, but no words.” Jewele San Miguel (mother of the groom after viewing the wedding video

“Great photographer. All these pictures are just perfect, catching the moment. Beautiful pictures.”  Shereen Baile

“I just wanted to thank you again for a great day! You all are wonderful!”  Stacey Conant

“Photos look BEAUTIFUL! Thrilled to see these! Thank you!”  Anastasia Rossetti

“We love the books! They turned out great. I’ve looked through it like ten times already!!!!”  Chelsea Munoz